Bryce Weiler


My name is Bryce Weiler. I am a blind individual who has been working on programs for fans who are disabled with the Baltimore Orioles and the New Britain Bees. This includes helping give fans who are disabled the opportunity to play on the field with the Bees before home games, and helping the Orioles to become the first team in sports to wear Braille on their jerseys to honor people who are blind. I am helping run a nonprofit called The Beautiful Lives Project, where we work to help fans who are disabled to be able to experience sports and other programs.


On Saturday August 10, the Bees are playing the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. That day, I will be throwing out a first pitch, speaking to the fans about my nonprofit before the game, putting people’s names in Braille on the concourse, as well as other activities to help people learn more about individuals of all disabilities. I was hoping you would be willing to attend this game and event. All tickets are $5, and a portion of every ticket sold goes to raise funds for my programs for fans who are disabled across the country, and my nonprofit The Beautiful Lives Project. If you would be willing to help me in this effort, and share the information about this event, this would be great. I am not from Connecticut, so I am doing the best I can to share the information, but I do not want to leave any groups or people out if I can help it. I know I might never be able to live my ultimate dream in life of being able to see, but being able to help fans who are disabled experience sports and our other programs of music, dance, the arts, and nature is something I have dreamed about doing my entire life. Please call or email me with any questions as well if you would like.

My number is 812-899-5673, I hope to hear back from you soon, and that I have not bothered you. Or you can email me at